You only know your own country's national anthem. All the others sound kind of weird. amirite?

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france's is very gory

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@SexySweetBeans france's is very gory

I just looked it up. I'm going to tell my french teacher I read it, her reaction will be interesting.

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I know Ginovias.

I like France's, but it's the only one I know other than mine own country's.

listening to national athems gives me chills...like good ones though.

I don't know how to vote. I mean, I DO know the anthems for other countries... but they also do sound weird.

Although, the only country that I actually really think sounds perfectly anthem-esque is Frances... It's just awesome. So, I guess I'm just gonna disagree on this one. Sorry.

Not to bilingual kids...

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Tanzania's is weirdly addicting
it gets into your head
long -.-

u find the british one odd because the melody is that of a 2 stanza patriotic poem in our country...of course we stole that melody from them hehe....(im american)

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