I hate it when parents cleans YOUR room when you're away. And when you're back ; you can't find anything ! Not to mention that they throw away your " trash " which is always something important. Parents should just leave our rooms alone, amirite?

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Lol, tweens.

well then clean your own room so that they dont feel then the need to clean it for you

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NW for the absolutely wrongly placed semicolon, which was hard to miss in your signature space-on-each-side-of-punctuation move there.

"I hate it when parents clean YOUR room."?
No. It's either:
"I hate it when parents clean MY room"
"You hate it when parents clean YOUR room."

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Oh Tweens. How you confuse me.
1: Clean your room more often, so they never have to clean it.
2: Specify to your parents what in your room needs to be left alone, or put it somewhere safe.
3: They bought the house, they can do whatever they want with it.

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Least they didn't find your porn stash

I'm 17 and my Mommy still cleans my room occasionally and I greatly appreciate it. Be a little more grateful you have a parent that cares enough to clean your junky room.

If you cleaned your room in the first place, they wouldn't have to clean it. Then you wouldn't need to bitch about them throwing away your junk.

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I wish my parents cleaned my room when I was 11... haha.

You're an ungrateful bitch. No offense, of course...

My mum just used to take everything from the floor and put it on my bed

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