Making music shouldn't purely be about making money, it should be about your music reaching as many people as possible, amirite?

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Yeah, but the money doesn't hurt either.

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Inb4 illegal downloading debate.

Yeah, I don't think it matters so much how much moneythe artist makes or how many people it reaches, but more its effect if you will, like I think it would be better to have a handful of life long fans than thousands of fans-for-a-day that just like a song or two if that makes any sense?

I don't really think either matter that much. I just record my stuff for fun. I don't care if anyone else hears it or not, as long as I had fun creating it.

someone's been listening to the song "price tag"...

"I'd rather have 100 people hear my song than have 100 dollars in my pocket"

Also, real singing should be about self exploration, cause it's indisputable that all of the best performances are from when the performer is channeling a real piece of themselves and throwing it in to their performance.

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