You wish you could control bodily functions (such as adrenaline rushes and orgasms) on demand at any time just by wanting it, amirite?

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people would be having orgasms all time and it would lose all of its novelty

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That would be so fucking cool.

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...and being able to indefinitely hold in your pee!
Yesyes gross I know but seriously, think about how incredibly convenient it would be

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To everyone saying it would somehow diminish orgasms: No the fuck it wouldn't.

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I can have adrenaline rushes at will sometimes. I just need to imagine a situation where I'm in danger or I'm chasing after someone important.

HEY! girls can orgasm with their mind.

No fucking joke. check it out.


It would stop being so special.

Oh god. Dopamine, adrenaline, and every kind of endorphine would be running on full blast 24/7. Plus I may assume we have full control over our nervous system, so the ability to stop the sensation of physical pain would be involved. Everyone would be like a god

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