If a girl from Iceland and a guy from Cuba make an ice cube, than does a French and a Greek make a freak? amirite?

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In that case, a girl from Las Vegas and a guy from Poland make a Stripper Pole.

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Dude from Paris stuck in the Saharra desert= French fried.

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russell peters poser!

No. It makes them a Grench. (:

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I saw that Russell Peters sketch! Also this is the second Russell Peters thing I've seen posted in the past 24 hours

Hmm i dunno, can it be an icelandic guy (me)?

don't steal shit from Russel Petters.

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Haha so then people from nigeria and germany make a nigger?

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Japanese + Filipino = Jalapeno

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I love this Russel Peters sketch :D


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Stop copying Russell Peters, and get your own jokes.

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