Inception=Shutter Island. Both movies are about a guy played by Leonardo DiCaprio who has a dead wife that he keeps envisioning and keeps getting in his way of what he needs to do in the movie, and in both endings he ends it really confusing (Inception with the top spinning, Shutter Island with that comment not making it clear whether or not he is actually still crazy) amirite?

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but it's ok cuz leonardo dicaprio is hot

Yeah in Inception I was waiting for the top to fall over and it didn't. I was like WTF?!?!

thanks for ruining the movies, jerks

@el_scorcho thanks for ruining the movies, jerks

They've been out for a long time. Anyone who wanted to see them already has.

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Pretty obvious that he's still crazy at the end of Shutter Island

@afternooner Pretty obvious that he's still crazy at the end of Shutter Island

nooo the quotee! he would rather die there then live with the pain. he wasnt crazy at the end!

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Thought the same thing after seeing Inception. I thought Shutter Island was terrible and Inception wasn't though

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SPOILER ALERT Actually, in Shutter Island, he ISN'T crazy at the end. He says to his 'partner' "would you rather live as a monster or die as a good man?" He's acknowledging the fact that he is unable to live with the fact that he killed his wife. Another tip-off that he is, in fact, sane is that when he is walking to the group of men who will take him to get the lobotomy, he doesn't answer when the doctor called him Teddy, he doesn't respond-because it isn't his name.

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I thought it was pretty clear too that he's crazy, but my brother was saying that the quote meant (and I forget what it was now) that he'd rather live in his fantasy world on the island than have to face the truth of what he did and live a real life

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oh, ok i got it now

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I must say this is an impressive post.

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I have yet to see inception so thank you so very much for that comment about the top spinning :/

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I've been telling everyone inception was a lot like shutter island and not one of them believed me

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Spoiler alert: In Shutter Island, he agrees to get a lobatomy to erase his memory of what he did.

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YES i have been sayin this since i saw them both and no one really seems to notice. the day i saw shutter island i realized this. even the background music is the same in parts. i thought about this for days

I've been trying to avoid Inception spoilers for months ¬_¬

How is the end of Inception confusing? It's really not at all.

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