You wonder what would happen if you showed someone your true and complete self, without hiding, adding or exaggerating anything... And whether you'd even recognize yourself. amirite?

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I don't think I even know my real self and I definitely wouldn't know how to embrace it.

It's funny cause his post discusses shrugging off the insecurities you so readily enforce.

You're some kind of lesbian, aren't you? With your subconciously vagina-amorous name there and trying to place an accusation against my straightness? You pussy prowling little girl?

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afternooner, what are you some little fairydyke lesbian? Go away.

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Well then. I don't who I really am at all. Maybe a little. But I think it'd be hard...

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um... i usually am completely myself.
you make it seem like everybody is hiding behind some secret identity or something. :/

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@um... i usually am completely myself. you make it seem like everybody is hiding behind some secret identity or...

Everyone is. Some hide everything, some (like you) hide only a few tiny things. But if you are completely yourself, does everyone know everything about you?

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If you're not adding anything or hiding anything, you'd have to be naked. js. xD

But then would you really be yourself?

To the guy who made this homosexual minded post-

You are in love with a man. Because of this, you started wearing women's clothes and giving him your "pretty wink". He swept you off you feet and you begged to be his wife. When he agreed, you were falling over yourself in joy. You cried in happiness.

You then set your wedding in a Conneticut mansion in the rural countryside. He wanted one in New York City, but you had your dreams set. He screamed at you and threatened to leave you, but you got on your knees and begged and pleaded. In some time, he said yes, and you whispered that you wanted to be held in his loving arms.


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