girls: you just want a decent, funny, nice guy, is that so fucking hard? amirite?

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We're out there, you just gotta go through a few assholes to find us. Just like we gotta go through a few whores to find you.

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Yeah, okay. These guys exist and they're almost everywhere but they're not the HOTTESTGUYSINSCHOOLOMG so you don't even think about giving him the time of day, let alone getting to know him. Some of the most AMAZING guys I have ever met did not have conventional looks, but I grew to love every flaw that society looked down upon. In contrast, some of the most BEAUTIFUL guys I have ever met were completely narcissistic and lacked any manners or discipline.
So, to make this post more accurate, you should add in there "and is really hot/attractive/what have you."
Stop complaining or stop overlooking the amazing guys right in front of you.

you gotta kiss a few toads to get to your prince

Nope. I found one. :+)

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I found one. He's perfect :)

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That's why I like foreigners.

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This is so dumb, there are a lot of those kind of guys, I found one and it wasn't hard. I just stopped falling for the assholes and waited for the respectable guy to come around. Instead of looking for an ATTRACTIVE guy, actually look for the decent, funny, nice guy and stop complaining!

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No, you wish you just wanted a decent, funny, nice guy.

Nope. I'm gay.

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@Nope. I'm gay.

Hahahaha. Win

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You're oversimplifying.

It sucks cause I am really close friends with a decent, funny, nice guy, and I really like him, (in a dating kind of way) but he only likes me as a friend.

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Sometimes the problem is that "it" ISN'T so fucking hard, amirite?

I had one, but my mom forced me to get rid of him:(

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This post is such bullshit.

This should be editted to "Girls: you want to MARRY a decent, funny, nice guy, but you want to DATE a bad boy, amirite?"

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