We all have that friend who has absolutely no concept of personal space, amirite?

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I wouldn't call her my "friend"

Nowhere_WOmans avatar Nowhere_WOman Yeah You Are +7Reply

It's usually the same friend who smells the worst.

@Norma It's usually the same friend who smells the worst.

THIS. She has BO, horrible breath and zits all over her face. So when she goes in for a 'bear hug' I usually just smile meekly and hold my breath 'til it's over.

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And it's unbelievably annoying.

TReckss avatar TRecks Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm that friend, but if you tell me to back off I will.

PhoenixBennus avatar PhoenixBennu Yeah You Are +2Reply

My cousin.

I have a friend who uses all my personal stuff. My toothbrush! She used my toothbrush!

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or a sister....

Moon_Shoess avatar Moon_Shoes Yeah You Are 0Reply


@AtheisticMystic Woob

I'm sorry, want me to rub your shoulders for you?

Woobs avatar Woob Yeah You Are 0Reply

And then you seem rude or unfriendly when you tell them to move over a bit. Its a lose lose situation with those kind of people.

karen_xoxos avatar karen_xoxo Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'm that friend... I'm just really affectionate.

behappy283s avatar behappy283 Yeah You Are 0Reply
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