You've tried typing with a different body part other then your fingers before. And if you haven't, you are planning on trying it sometime. (I reccommend elbow, nose, and tounge if you get really into it) amirite?

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I'm pretty boss at typing with my toes :D. I can even use the mouse and play video games.

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I'd use my tongue but Im sure half the people who touch this keyboard jack off. >.>

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t hi s is e typing wiiiiiiiith y ongue

I actually did ok o: My keyboard is kinda gross now ._."

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n akjb tpinhjg bwithxC mjy nowseb

@ilovecranberries n akjb tpinhjg bwithxC mjy nowseb

mynose is a stud but i go crosseyed and get a headache when using it

is that a 'yeah your right'?

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i tried texting with my nose before.
it didnt work.

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