A man with a pony tail is saying "Hey, don't fuck with me." while a man with pigtails is saying "Hey, hold these while you fuck me." amirite?

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That's hot.

its the best when people copy comedians on this site! NOT

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This is kinda disturbing

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don't you mean a girl....

@chuckytheducky don't you mean a girl....

No, guy. I'd explain it, but it'd totally be 100% less funny.

@chuckytheducky nooo i have to knowwwwwww

You see guys with pony tails and they look kind of tough, right?
Well, a guy with pig tails is practically begging to get it in the ass. Like in prison~
So it's basically saying, hold his pig tails while you do him... It's kind of difficult to explain.

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