They shouldn't show condom/tampon commercials on Disney channel. amirite?

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The only commercials they have on the Disney channel are Disney channel commercials.

They don't...

They didn'tthe last time I checked...

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Yeah but a young girl will eventually HAVE to know about tampons, cus menstruation is kind of inevitable, and some girls get it at 9.

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They don't. There are know regular commercials. Only Disney Channel Stuff.

They don't.

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Condoms: Meant for people having sex
Tampons: Meant for any woman/girl over like 11.
Plus they don't show commercials on Disney Channel...epic fail?

This is prolly the most epic fail on the homepage everrrrrrrr

I didn't know they did? I thought they only showed special "Disney" commercials/promos/whatever.

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I never see condom commercials on any channel (I think). Plus, Disney Channel only shows Disney Channel-related commercials. But, on Disney XD (some other channel owned by Disney) they show other non-Disney commercials. so, maybe that's what the OP was thinking of...??

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i meant like channels LIKE disney channel. like cartoon network, nickelodeon, etc.

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I clicked Yeah You Are simply because of your follow up

They should ;D
how else are those little horny bastards gonna learn?

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Well At least only the tampon ones and not the condoms...

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It's there because where there is children watching, their parents are watching. Besides, they don't have a clue what they're used for.

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