In apples to apples, when possessing the helen keller card, it's just like catching the golden snitch. You automatically win, amirite?

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The green card was "Senseless." I had Helen Keller. Needless to say I owned that round.

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Actually you don't automatically win when you catch the snitch. You end the game and earn your team 150 points. I like the attempt though :)

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Lol Yes! a helen keller joke and harry potter reference all in one post. This made my day.

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Hellen Keller and AIDS. They always fucking win.

Or if you write "Your Mom" on one of the blank ones

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@DoctorWhat ...GENIUS

Thanks(: my cousins and I did that the last time we played

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I just hate playing with people that abuse the Helen Keller card and play it at times when it isn't funny or doesn't make sense.

I like the analogy, but you don't win from catching the snitch...

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You don't always win if you catch the snitch. Viktor Krum caught it at the Quidditch World Cup but the other team still won.

@God_the_Almighty NO WAY REALLY? I thought the other comments stating the exact same thing were lying.

Hmm. The other comments explained why you didn't automatically win and as did I, but I also gave an example.
My apologies for making you read the exact same thing.

Eh, I made a Jesus and a Chuck Norris card. Pretty much in the bag hahahh

Or the Michael Jackson card.

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If you have Hitler and my sister is the judge, you win.

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It's so sad that society has turned Helen Keller into such a joke...but I can't help but laugh

In the smaller version of Apples to Apples, they don't have Helen Keller so the gold in those versions are: "Plumber's Crack" and "A gas station bathroom"...and sometimes "spooning"

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or Anne Frank...

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I think Richard Simmons is a close second.

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If you have Hitler and my sister is the judge, you win.

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