At least once in the school hallway you've seen one random person that you'd like to bang, amirite?

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Not once in a lifetime... At least three times a day...

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@Not once in a lifetime... At least three times a day...

Haha there are soooo many I would fuck but never ever date

Hell, there's even a few teachers I'd bang.

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I go to an all girl's school

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Ha, planty of hot guys, aha ;D but I ain't a slut so I don't take action LOL

Sage_Flowers avatar Sage_Flower Yeah You Are +3Reply

I'm straight in an all girls school, so that has actually never happened

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I go to a tiny school I know everyone by name there are no "random people"

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@Same. Only 160 kids total at my school. :/

That's more than there were at my high school.

I got you all beat with small schools. my high school has 50 people total.

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@derp wat. Mine has about 2,100 students

my graduating class had 823. :D

Bres avatar Bre Yeah You Are 0Reply
@derp wat. Mine has about 2,100 students

Yeah same. I can't imagine having only 160 people at my school

afternooners avatar afternooner Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yeah, uh, can I go to you guys' schools? haha

There were no random people at my high school...so no. We all knew each other.

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