The whole military fashion trend is really stupid. I'm sure our soldiers appreciate teenage girls wearing slutty remakes of the uniform they wear every day to protect our country. amirite?

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at a club in baltimore one time during halloween, i saw a girl wearing a slutty mock-up of an Air Force uniform (ABUs), and as a member of the Air Force...i thought it was pretty hot. haha. there may be some guys who think the same way you do...but not this guy.

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Shut up Meg.

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thats why i dont wear camo , leave that to the heroes .

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@nardclapper06 thats why i dont wear camo , leave that to the heroes .

lmao. That's why I don't wear leopard print. Leave that to the cheetahs.

@nardclapper06 thats why i dont wear camo , leave that to the heroes .

What?! I mean, a tad extreme, no? I get the respect bit and all that but, seriously!

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My marine brother would probably just say how hot they looked. Lol

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haha thats so true but you can make it look decent too most girls choose not to though

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its not "military" it's army INSPIRED and most of it isnt slutty. only halloween costumes, and those are always slutty. know your stuff

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I don't know why this is such a big deal. None of the army inspired clothing is slutty, and I think it's actually a tribute to the soldiers that are protecting our country. It's even more of a 'fashion statement' to express strength.

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Feeling especially judgmental about people's choices of clothes or other ideas? Then joining the armed forces and protecting their liberties may not be such a good idea for you. I'm sure the soldiers over there don't mind. I know I didn't when I was one. Get over yourself.

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No, no. Just because you wear a jacket or pants that are military inspired that does not mean you are slutty. And, why would they be upset about people wearing stuff like what they wear? Like its a big freaking deal? Get over yourself.

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You shouldn't wear something you didn't earn.

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