The X-men films weren't true to the comics and characters. They obviously just wanted to make money. amirite?

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Of course they're not going to follow the comics exactly. And yes, the producers want to make money, just like every other movie producer...

i really dont give a shit the movies were still awsome and so were the comics

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Ha, Origins wasnt even faithful to the other three

It's not just X-men...

I don't read the comics really, (love the characters, read a couple comics, seen one of the cartoon series) but I was pissed that they made Wolverine tall. I know, petty right? It's alos annoying how they barely used Gambit and I'm sad Kurt was only in one movie.

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Too many things to rant about...must. Contain. Self.

Let's just sum it up with X-MEN movies = dissapointment. First class is really exciting and all, and I like it, but the rest...infuriating. Except maybe the first one, it had the least deviations.

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