Some people have names that just make them sound like jerks. amirite?

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Apparantly one syllable names are no good.


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Mercedes and Porsche.
That's just stupid.

Jessica.. hah

@Icel Jessica.. hah

No! My best friend's name is Jessica!
Well, she goes by Jessie so nevermind.

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Todd. Todd is ALWAYS a tool.

Luke >:D ex boyfriend :)

And names like Arlington, Chester, William, George, Ronald.. when they don't use a normal nickname it sometimes sounds jerky.

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Really no "Bryce" yet?

@Previously_Sane Really no "Bryce" yet?

i actually like that name. :P

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Blaine Ferrera. Douchiest name I've heard yet.

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I know someone whose last name is Gyourko pronounced (Jerk-o.) :-P

Summer, Amber, Bridget and Kory. Cutest name? Dakota.


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@Truuninja Phil

Meet a boy named Phil and his family... on vacation from the 22nd century....

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