While it may seem fun at the time, procrastination will bite you in the ass later, amirite?

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If you procrastinate correctly it can be fun. Procrastination in moderation (the philosophy behind my book) CAN be a good thing and it does NOT have to bite you in the ass. In my next appearance, I'll tell you about how YOU, YES YOU can procrastinate correctly!

dude, i have a project due tomorrow, it's 11:39, and I'm still procrastinating. i'm so screwed! :D

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this post is offensive to donkeys

Because of drawing, amirite, DBPB and my bad eating habits, my Science grade is around a 56.

I have my semester one law exams starting the week after next week, I haven't started studying yet. I also have a history research essay due friday which I haven't started yet. Fml. Stupid procrastination.

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but if you wait until the last minute, it'll only take a minute!

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