light bulbs are not actually "light bulbs" but dark absorbers. when you turn them on, they suck the dark out of the room. you can prove this by holdingyour hand under a "light bulb" . the dark will stack up under your hand where its path is blocked by your hand. when they quit working and turn a dark colour, its not because they burnt out, its because they're full. amirite?

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This sounds like something I'd say if I were high off my ass.

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dark absorbers


ahahahaha, why is everyone taking this so seriously? he was either high or joking; i doubt he actually believes this. but it's pretty funny anyway :p

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You, are clever.

This sounds like a highdea....

@Previously_Sane This sounds like a highdea....

I thought the same thing.
It's still awesome though.

OP must have been high when he wrote this...

I just realized that is says under the post that the first person who agreed was Hermione Granger, and one of the first people to disagree was Draco Malfoy lol

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I guess they convert dark into light then, or else why would the filament glow.
Also, if they absorb dark, do they absorb the monsters in the dark as well?

I've heard this somewhere before...

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@DaAce96 I've heard this somewhere before...

From someone else that was high? :P

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I learned about this at school (part of a unit on "proving something wrong, not right" in science) but my teacher called them "dark suckers."

Also something to think about: how can you explain shadows?

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Mind. Blown.
If this was true, it'd be amazing.

I've read this online a lot.

But it is a better way to look at it.

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It's a joke

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Lack of knowledge and understanding.

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Actually...they are. The light thing is wtf, but that is how heat works. Refrigerators lower the temperature by absorbing heat as the refrigerant turns into a gas. This is why the back of a refrigerator is so warm - it's emitting the heat.

Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.

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Interesting theory, but completely retarted. Nice try...

Why do people +1 this when anyone who did science in elementary school knows it's not true, however interesting it may be...

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