"sleepovers shouldn't be called sleepovers, because you don't sleep" ok but what should they be called? wakes? "hey mom I'm going to my friends wake" "WHAT??", amirite?

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Thats why you say, ima "stay over at his house" not sleep over (:

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Wouldn't it be Wakeover?

Thats the joke

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maybe cuz parents think your sleeping.

@cheer4mia maybe cuz parents think your sleeping.

@502131 (cheer4mia): :/ parents should know better by now

I would say "overnighter"... :D

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Um... isn't a wake the viewing of the dead body?

I call them "over"s

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how about a hangover? you hangover at ur friends house

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an all nighter?

If you don't sleep, you don't really wake either. I'm rather fond of the "hangover" suggestion.

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a slumber party :D

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@a slumber party :D

slumber = sleep

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