Mixed race families are more common now, but if you saw a commercial with a white mom making lunch for her two black and one adopted asian, kids, you would be so confused. amirite?

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I've only seen one interracial commercial and it was for a phone. It was a white dad with a black wife and kid. And the son's all like "hey dad I found the icecream store!" and the mom's like "shopping!" and the dad's like "uh oh". can't remember the name though.

actually it just makes me roll my eyes because I feel like the commercial is trying to hard if they have like a white mom, two black kids, an adopted asian kid, and the dad rolls up in a wheelchair. [that last part was added but you get the point]

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in my one textbook there was picture that had us all confused. it was a family eating dinner the mom was white the dad was asian one kid was black one was hispanic and the last kid east indian. it just made us laugh because they were just trying to hard.

You're talking about the Womb Raider, amirite?

I'm used to it. My best friend has two adopted brothers, one mexican and one black.

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As I was reading that, I was all like, "oh, that's my family! my mom's white, and my sister and I are black."
But, we don't have the adopted asian kid. xD

Unnecessary comma

No...I would say "Angelina Jolie rip off"!! But in all honesty my fam is hella mixed so its would be normal to me plus there should be more commercials like that!

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