Plot to almost every romantic comedy: Boy and Girl meet. Girl usually finds Boy repulsive. Boy does something sweet. Girl begins to like boy. Girl and Boy kiss/ fuck/ whatever. Boy fucks something up. Girl gets pissed. By the end of the movie, one of them is usually holding a microphone confessing their love for the other one. Then they kiss. The end., amirite?

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Don't forget the montage with the song playing, after they first meet where they spend every second together!

27 dresses exactly

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Well, that's based off of Shakespeare (taming of the shrew). It's a little different. Taming of the shrew was the original romantic comedy, or whichever order he wrote them in :P

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17 again, sorta?

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Leap Year. Millions of other ones. This is the most accurate post I have seen today.

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Soo True

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that is in almost every movie.

music and lyrics

@sarasnow11 music and lyrics

I was going to say that one, too! lol.

How to lose a guy in 10 Days

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Never Been Kissed.

No Reservations

When I wrote this, I was thinking 27 Dresses and When Harry Met Sally.

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Sounds like 27 dresses.....

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I was thinking 27 Dresses. But I still love that movie. Mostly because of James Marsden. <3

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My best friends girl, except for the microphone part.

@Um_yeah My best friends girl, except for the microphone part.

except there, he fucked it up with the microphone :p

"Ugly Truth"

The Proposal, I guess. Kinda.

the last song. sorta..


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A bit like Tangled in a way.

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