Pshh, if you think Kristin Stewart is ugly, try looking at Sarah Jessica Parker. Like what the hell IS that? amirite?

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Let's trash celebrities' looks some more to make ourselves feel better, yaaay...

Horses are beautiful creatures.

@Dameequa Horses are beautiful creatures.

Whore-ses are beautiful creatures...

Sarah, why the long face? hello smilie

I don't think that Kristen Stewart is ugly. It's just the fact that she doesn't make any facial expressions that make people believe she's ugly.

Or...ya know... AMY WINEHOUSE

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"Aug 27th '10"

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...and yet they are both rich and successful, and you are just anonymously bashing them on the internet. Like what the hell is THAT?

I wouldn't go as far to say either oof them are ugly.

Oh my god, what if Sarah Jessica Parker and Steve Buscemi had a baby.

That poor child.

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@monstrosity Aw, that's actually kinda cute.

Yea... That's what I thought. But look at it's parents... That kid is going to be an ugly mofo in it's forties/fifties.

@adiosToreador http://www.morphthing.com/baby/...Jessica-Parker I'm thinking this is just...

That didn't actually look too bad because you chose a heavily airbrushed picture of SJP.

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@8jtt9 That didn't actually look too bad because you chose a heavily airbrushed picture of SJP.

It was the picture they had on the website already. I'll see if I can find a better one to upload, though.

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@adiosToreador http://www.morphthing.com/image...3764e282527bd6 It looks a...

OMG that is absolutely horrifying, but i can see the bruce willis resemblance, although i wouldn't have had you not said it.

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That... Would be a horse.

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A foot. It is a foot.

I don't know about Kristen Stewart, but I always thought Sarah jessica Parker was really pretty.

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