You always thought Hey Arnold was wearing a kilt, amirite?

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woah...he's not?

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I always thought he was a football

It's his shirt just poking out! Wha?!!

He's just wearing jeans and his oversized collared undershirt is sticking out the bottom. It's easier to tell if you look at the matching collar =D

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I never even acknowledged what he was wearing. The only thing I really noticed was his hat.

The ad on the top of the page on mobile is a picture of a guy with a kilt. Thought you all should know.

Whoa! If not....what is it??????

He wasn't? I have only seen like 1 or 2 random episodes at one point in my life and various pictures on the internet comparing him to Stewie Griffin and I always thought he was wearing a kilt or something.

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