When you were a kid, you always sat on a certain side of the car, amirite?

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"NO -friends name- THAT IS MY SIDE OF THE CAR!"

generally still do

hell, I still do.. it feels wrong not to

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What are you talkin about I still do.

So true. Any friend that knows me knows my side of the car and they know not to sit there.

haha me and my sister have still have our specific sides of the car

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@TheRedSharpie same!!! i'm always on the right, shes on the left :D

me too! i have to be on the right otherwise its uncomfortable haha :]

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I still do. I am not ashamed

I still do too!

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Still do, unless I'm driving.

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...cough Still do.

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My sister and I have our sides. We never sit on the other one's side. And when I go somewhere with friends, I still sit on the same side.

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Back right :)

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when i was little? more like yesterday.. :)

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