You can tell how well off someone is by what word they use for money. Rich people call their money "assets". Average people call it "cash". Poor people call it "dough", and even poorer people call it "that green papery stuff", amirite?

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What if you call it "money"?

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@Statefarm What if you call it "money"?

Then you're very, very strange! I know this because I call it money.

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If you're really really really poor, you'd call it "What's this?"

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Notorious rappers say paper

If you call it napkins, then HOLY SHIT you're rich.

I call it money too .

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Wow way to copy dimitri martin

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@Wow way to copy dimitri martin

I don't ever watch Dimitri Martin so I'm pretty sure I'm not copying him. I thought of this when my rich friends dad said "assets".

BreakfastFans avatar BreakfastFan Yeah You Are +4Reply

This is Dimitri Martin's bit

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