Admit it, you want to be someone like ArtisticBroccoli, Anthony, etc, just to know what its like, amirite?

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Lostmans avatar Lostman Yeah You Are +58Reply

Why would I want to be an autistic broccoli?

amiwhites avatar amiwhite No Way +23Reply

not artisticbroccoli, but maybe anthony.

Anonymous +15Reply

no way honey

Anonymous +1Reply

I actually only "YYA!"'d this because I find it hilarious that AB's name comes before Anthony, the creator and owner of the site! hahaha.

jaybrenes avatar jaybrene Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Takko She was the only mod I knew at the time. I was a total newbie. :$

dawh! you NW'd your own post? :(

(SIDE NOTE! you posted that comment at 22:11:22<--super cool!)

jaybrenes avatar jaybrene Yeah You Are 0Reply

i remember the old days when artisticbroccoli was just a weird combination of two words....i would like to be both of them though, yes.

Wow, it's really sad that this is so positive. What exactly do you think is so special about someone who has a simple website... or even worse, someone who works on that site for free? I'm pretty perplexed.

Woah woah woah guys sorry... I had NOOOO idea this would get posted... I made this AGES ago when I first got to amirite...Not even sure why I made this.

Takkos avatar Takko No Way 0Reply

No, not really. I read their bios. AB seems stuck up.

Why would you wanna be a broccoli that's artistic? I'd rather be an ordinary broccoli. That way, I'll NEVER be eaten by those pesky children.

Anonymous -2Reply
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