How do the magic school bus kids go on so many field trips without needing a single permission slip, amirite?

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especially the waiver for going to pluto!

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It would make for a boring show if they show them turning in permission slips. They don't show them using the bathroom either but I bet they do.

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He sounds awesome.

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Because its magic durrrr

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well they probs just had one big one signed for all the field trips at the beginning of the year. thats what my outdoor ed class does because they have a field trip like every other week

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Ohh what kind of stuff did he do?

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I think the magic in magic school bus makes this question useless x)

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The teacher gave them roofies, that way they have no memory as to what happened. So no explaining to the parents is needed.

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Because it's a fictional show with fictional charactors. Cartoons don't have to make sense.

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