There's always that one stereotype that makes you wonder how it cane to be, amirite?

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then you mugged by a black guy and you suddenly remember.
ha i kid..


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"Black people like fried chicken and watermelon." Well, DUH, they like fried chicken and watermelon. They're effing GOOD!

Black guys don't have huge dicks. When they get a boner they don't increase in size like everyone else. Their cocks just raise up.

Taco bell type food is what every mexican eats every day i like pizza

Uhh... I dunno whether they have sleepers or not(that's what I call the cocks that look little until they get happy xD), but statistically speaking no their dicks aren't bigger. As a matter of fact, the only group that's been proven to have larger cocks on average are gay men. Look it up if you don't believe me. I personally just think more black dudes with oversized junk get into porn than white, and that's why the myth persists. Well, that and they perpetuate it =P

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I know a lot of mexicans. Most, or if nt all hate taco bell.

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