Bell rings and everybody gets up Teacher: "I dismiss the class not the bell!" You: "No, I'm pretty sure that's why they have the bell", amirite?

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the teachers are just control freaks xD

one of my teachers is really weird like that.
bell rings "SIT DOWN!!!!... kay see you tomorrow(:"

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The search bar is in the top right hand corner. You're welcome

@MagicEveryDay Excuse for what?

Posting the same thing that has already been on here multiple times

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There's literally a post exactly like this only a few pages back. You can't just copy and paste your post into the search bar, you have to use key words.

Whenever the bell rings and the teacher tells you to sit down and you start to pack up getting ready for your next class, they always freak out more if you do that. It's like, "okay then, you better give me a pass then because I don't think my very strict and mean teacher will appreciate it if i'm two minutes late."

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story of my life

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Nice! xD Mean teacher, though... :(

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Wow, Wanna post that 5 more times. I dont think ive seen this one enough.

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@DryTurtle Win

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