There is a pretty big difference between being 12 and 16, yet there's not really one between being 51 and 55, amirite?

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Because when you're a child you are still growing and maturing, thus in four years there is a big difference from how you used to be. But, by the time you are 51 you are obviously fully grown so four years would make hardly any difference.

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When you're old, you're old.

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I read a cracked article about immortality a while ago. But they brought up an interesting point about how the older you are the shorter your perception of time is.

I feel like I've read this post about 5,000 times on here :l all just worded slightly different.

16/12 > 55/51? Are you some kind of mathematical genius

If you think about this, it's really not that interesting or ground-breaking.

Are there any 55 year olds on this website to can testify to this?

When you're young, you change drastically in four years. Once you're done with puberty, things are a lot more gradual.

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Its not that I agree with this post or don't agree I just wanna b the one awkward person to say 'no way'

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