You have hurt yourself masturbating, amirite?

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My words of wisdom: If you want to have semen in your smoothie, make sure you put it in there with the machine turned OFF.

Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +17Reply

Well, it takes some figuring out at first, right? You have to figure out what feels good and what's just plain uncomfortable. [At least for chicks, anyway...]

SixxAddicts avatar SixxAddict Yeah You Are +6Reply

Too many times in one day can give injuries similar to rug burns

garrettruskamps avatar garrettruskamp Yeah You Are +6Reply

Awshit, I accidentally clicked NW. Now I can't retract my vote! (I don't masturbate)

@tshah520 Awshit, I accidentally clicked NW. Now I can't retract my vote! (I don't masturbate)

I don't masturbate either but I still clicked 'No Way'. As was said, though, it'd still be accurate because if you don't masturbate, then you probably haven't hurt yourself masturbating.

Emys avatar Emy No Way 0Reply

-69 ;)

Anonymous +4Reply

i didn't know it would be so graphic, but i couldn't stop reading it, ahaha(:

I have some of the skin on my dick missing from last night.

Anonymous +3Reply

Oh darn.

Taylor3551s avatar Taylor3551 Yeah You Are +2Reply

I've rubbed my girlie bit sore before, but that's not an injury. Nail scratches are about the closest to that.

420Grrl +1Reply

you should give me a hand ;D

You can give me a hand too ;]

I'm not sure I'm willing to go for "puma" status, th3round1, but thanks for the offer xD

420Grrl 0Reply

it's probably better that you didn't , i'm now scarred for life D:

Idrk what that means but i guess its a no. Thats rather unfortunate. Not that u could only use one hand anyway but still..

Oh my goddd. Just read it. that was awful.

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