Your car has a name, amirite?

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Yeah, Toyota Camry. It takes a really ghetto car to have no name.

No, because I don't have a car.

I don't have a car, but my best friend's green Cavalier is called Poison Ivy.

I named our old van after myself when I was really little (I was a super creative kid, I know). We still have the car today just because I can't bear to part with it. It was like a kid's paradise in there: The seats where covered in cloth, not leather, and the back row of seats was all connected and could be unfolded into a giant comfy mattress (I just realized how sleazy that has the potential to be). It had a little potty for the kids as well as little drawer things along the walls that we put snacks and plates and stuff in and cool lights on the ceilings. And best of all, my dad inststalled a real television into the protruding wall-thing in the front of a car (this was before it cars had DVD players). 'Twas awesome.

i wish i had a car..


@Arcane Adelaide


Dean Winchester's car is Metallicar.

1991 Blazer. His name is Leonard.

i don't have a car... but my bicycle's name is Dennis, after Dennis Hayssbert who is the All State SPOKESman.... heh... get it? super far fetched pun... I also just like the name Dennis.


Ellie Elantra

Reverse psychology. Nice try, home fry.

@Shadi Reverse psychology. Nice try, home fry.

My car is named pickles. No freaking lie.

Renault Clio - Zues :P

Chipss avatar Chips Yeah You Are +1Reply

My sis named our car Fred.

BballFoShos avatar BballFoSho Yeah You Are +1Reply

Subaru Outback named Stompy lolwut smilie

Roys avatar Roy Yeah You Are +1Reply


I named my moms mini van Bertha, I get the honor of driving her.

bros avatar bro Yeah You Are +1Reply

Marty the matrix. He's in a scandalous romance with my friend's car, cami the cavalier.

jordanhefners avatar jordanhefner Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yes! My white Grand Prix is named Machete!

scloud22s avatar scloud22 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Barney. =]

FlamesToDusts avatar FlamesToDust Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hank the Tank. That X5 can back into a parked car and there wouldn't be a scratch on him.

Blue Citrus. Anyone? No? Okay then, nevermind...

This was my thought process when I first got my car: It's blue. Blue Eyes. Frank Sinatra. Frankie!

RayBabys avatar RayBaby Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nicky, short for Nicotine, whose previous owner was a heavy smoker.

NitaCallahans avatar NitaCallahan Yeah You Are 0Reply

Doug the Durango

@Richard Doug the Durango

I am sorry you drive a Dodge.

The Manvan/The Rav

kat_piss avatar kat_pis Yeah You Are 0Reply

My Camaro's name is Cleopatra.

PirateQueens avatar PirateQueen Yeah You Are 0Reply

No, but my iPhone has a name... (Alexandria)

Lynrose. And the GPS's name is Barbara

Ariodantes avatar Ariodante Yeah You Are 0Reply

My car's name is Sticky.
She's obviously a manual.

jillswimss avatar jillswims Yeah You Are 0Reply
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