When the FBI burst through doors like that, do they ever think that some poor soul could be standing behind that door? amirite?

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I don't think they really care... I mean they're breaking in for an important reason, not for a misdemeanor like jay walking or something....

Inb4 way to ruin the joke

well usually they knock first or yell "FBI we have a warrant!"

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@Do you know this from personal experience? :)

Hahah no I mean in movies and shit ;)

I did meet this guy who was wanted by the police or FBI or something, but that doesn't count.

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I always think about how funny it would be if the person inside were naked.

Like a baby...

@Flymeister Like a baby...

Or the murderer who killed the baby.

Yeah, like I could be jerking off, and then they just burst in and I'm all like "wtf man, lemme finish up, clean up, get dressed and ill go."

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