You've met a famous person before, amirite?

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I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't met a famous person. (cry2)

Anonymous +37Reply

I've met Tom Felton.

kingfor_besitoss avatar kingfor_besitos Yeah You Are +21Reply

I've never met anyone famous by accident, but I have met a few through stalking.

Team Starkid (a theatre troupe). :D

HMDuckys avatar HMDucky Yeah You Are +13Reply

Busta rhymes, the all American rejects guys, Steve-o, and John cena.

Gumperts avatar Gumpert Yeah You Are +11Reply

A bunch of youtubers during vidcon.

tyreeshajoness avatar tyreeshajones Yeah You Are +9Reply

I was about to say no, because I've never met a celebrity. Then I remembered that I've met Obama.

_pi_s avatar _pi_ Yeah You Are +9Reply

Tony Hawk, Andy Richter, Elmo.

Harpers avatar Harper Yeah You Are +8Reply

Haha I met Drake Bell last summer!

its_mes avatar its_me Yeah You Are +7Reply

Taylor Swift, and George Clooney.

BellaDolores avatar BellaDolore Yeah You Are +5Reply
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I'm sorry.

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I met Mat Kearney before.

AnnaSophia Robb.

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are +4Reply

Kevin Wu (Kevjumba), Ryan Higa, Far East Movement. I also saw Tyra Banks at Universal Studios and Johnny Galecki and Simon Helberg at Warner Brothers.

elarniss avatar elarnis Yeah You Are +4Reply


Elena_Roger_s avatar Elena_Roger_ Yeah You Are +3Reply

I ran into Ray Rice and Michael Oher at the mall. Ray Rice wished me a happy birthday, which was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me.

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +3Reply

Cynthia Rylant (author), I worked with the writers of Legally Blonde: the Musical, Jeannie Ortega (singer), Renee Fleming (opera singer), and I sighted Brad Pitt and Anderson Cooper but did not approach them. Oh, and I met the guy who played Donny on Even Stevens, lol.

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are +3Reply
@_Jojo_ Cynthia Rylant (author), I worked with the writers of Legally Blonde: the Musical, Jeannie Ortega (singer), Renee...

And my chorus got to work with Eric Whitacre (composer), and he signed copies of one of his pieces for us.

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are 0Reply

My brother shook hands with someone who met Regis Philbin. Does that count?

I've hung out with a few of the Jackass guys.

ChaseSinclairs avatar ChaseSinclair Yeah You Are +2Reply

Total oppisites but ive met charlie watts and justin bieber.

ChristinaIsMes avatar ChristinaIsMe Yeah You Are +1Reply

I saw Barry Hilton in the supermarket once.

Sasha cohen, Michelle kwan, Nick Jonas, Anna Sophia Robb, the guys ftom the bare naked ladies, jim j bullock, curt hansen and quite a few other broadway performers

I had Thanksgiving Dinner with Bob Woodward one year, because he's friends with my uncle. Actually I think my uncle is pretty well-known, too, as a journalist - Jim Wooten.

Psh, I have autographs from Chip and Dale, Pluto, AND Mickey Mouse. Plus pictures. I think I win.

Anonymous +1Reply

Abby Wambach, Jen Suhr, Carly Patterson, Iris Zimmermann....yeah, lots of Olympic atheletes...
Vivian Vande Velde and Vic Mignogna as wel!!

Hieis avatar Hiei Yeah You Are 0Reply

I've met Scott Brown at a court house while we read essays about John Adams.

rminas avatar rmina Yeah You Are 0Reply

I met Lebron James at a Cavs game once, although he just signed an autograph for me. I'm hoping to meet Lauren Alaina in September.

Leonard Nimoy, and a few other, less famous, actors from Star Trek: Voyager. All at nerdy conventions.

Anonymous 0Reply

I saw Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts & Mike Rudd but didn't go speak to them.. And I saw Chris Hemsworth in Central Park and thought he looked familiar but it wasn't till later that I realised it was actually him. We made eye contact though, that totally counts.

once i saw the back of donald trumps head, but somehow i dont think that counts... but i do have miley cyrus and darren criss's autographs :)

I met Miley Cyrus when we were both super little. My parents were in line behind her dad and her buying a Halloween costume for her.
I've also met a lot of band people. I stayed in the same hotel as fun when they were first touring and we had breakfast together

lalallamas avatar lalallama Yeah You Are 0Reply

Does a guy from the news count? ..no pobably not :/

i met the david cross, the mean uncle from alvin & the chipmunks & jason lee waved at me :D haha i was on the cruise where they were filming chipwrecked

Anonymous 0Reply

Does it count that I went to a Plain White T's concert and Tom Higgenson stood in the concert hall lobby on the other side of the glass in front of me waving and blowing kisses at everybody while I was in line?
Because in that case, yes.
/somewhat of a humble brag

Randy Couture, Triple H, Curt Angle, BJ Penn, the US woman's Olympic soccer team, Mike Metzger I think that's it... they're famous right?

NinjaAssassins avatar NinjaAssassin Yeah You Are -1Reply

Oli Sykes. That was by accident.

I sat behind the guy (I'm spacing on his name) who was the Rainman and Mr. Focker in Meet the Fockers on a plane.

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