youtube is becoming infested with "webcam celebrities" who aren't even funny on their daily talk shows, amirite?

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They're soo annoying. Especially when I'm searching for a video and get "their thoughts on it"

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Wheezywaiter is one of those webcam celebrities, but I find hIm quite hilarious.

JellyBlocks avatar JellyBlock Yeah You Are +3Reply

Although I subscribed to him and I'm still subscribed to him, I'm starting to realize that sxephil really isn't that interesting at all. He did introduce me to some other pretty good YouTubers though, like WheezyWaiter and TalesOfMereExistence and communitychannel, all of which I love.

SalientKs avatar SalientK Yeah You Are +2Reply

like who?

I agree, Shay Carl is re only exception tho.
Kids re too damn cute!

Pugs avatar Pug Yeah You Are 0Reply

Some of them are bad, but I like communitychannel and Shane Dawson.

I like Kevjumba, He's funny imo :/

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