George Washington was right when he said political parties would destroy our country, amirite?

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Yeah sure political parties are good for helping the public retain their right to vote but at what cost? The father of our country wanted us to work together for what's best for everyone but political parties do the exact opposite by splitting everyone into 2 groups. How many presidents out there have not belonged to any political party? That's right, none. So what about the millions of people out there who don't necessarily have a political party in favor? Well their voice is obviously being oppressed. Not everyone is on the far left of the fence or the far right. Who is there for the in between?

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Oh, and Abraham Lincoln was the one quoted saying America's downfall will come from within.

Only somebody who knows very little about American Liberal-Democracy and Pluralism would make that statement. Most people understand that the party system ensures that voters have a choice; it's the fault of America's voting systems that created a 2 party state

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Actually, James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton (a.k.a. Publius) wrote in "Federalist No. 10" that factions create an unstable government, but for the people to be truly represented, they are necessary. John Locke, who was the inspiration to those mentioned above, wrote to the same extent.

I do agree with this... But George Washington didn't say this. This is a direct quote from Thomas Jefferson.

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I don't know about what everyone else learned in school. But I for one learned that in George Washington's Farewell Address, he warned everyone of the destruction of our united nation due to political parties, not Thomas Jefferson. But the Federalist Papers just laid the egg that Washington later hatched. Just like how Erasmus was the first one with ideas about the church, but Martin Luther took it and ran with it, just like Washington. They both are to be accredited with this ideal, not just one :)

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