It makes you really mad when teachers punish the whole class because one person screwed up somehow, amirite?

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The idea is to make everyone mad at the kid who fucked up, but I think everybody gets more angry at the teacher.

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"Because [insert annoying class clown name here] thought it was so funny to [insert annoying verb, preposition, and noun here], everyone will [insert horrible punishment here]."

Oh you mean like if a kid steals the answer sheet to a test that was in front of the class un-protected, and then the teacher gives everyone a 0 on it to teach us that stealing is wrong? FML

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In elementary school, before we would go out to recess, the whole grade had to walk out silently and depending on the mood of the lunch moderator, sometimes she would take away recess for everyone just because ONE kid talked. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with her anymore.

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I feel like that promotes bullying...

@twisted_memories I feel like that promotes bullying...

"So because FlyingGuineaPig is soooo verrrrry allergic to peanuts I guess we won't be able to go out for ice cream after all."
"Oh, thanks a lot, FlyingGuineaPig!"
I blame my science teacher for the amount of bullying I got about my peanut allergy.

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I remember once in 5th grade, everyone was getting prepared for the valentine's party. Everyone bought all the supplies and what-not, and what happens? Someone paints a little short streak across the wall with paint, and she canceled the party. It sucked.

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I remember one time where we didn't have recess for a week in grade two because somebody threw their sandwich in the garbage can.

well, it does give you probable cause to kick the kid's ass.

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