Law and Order and CSI: Las Vegas are probably two of the best crime dramas because they focused more on the actual crimes instead of the relationships between characters. amirite?

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Bones was quirky, I liked it too, but I didn't really watch the show often

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Yeah, that's what I hate about Bones. It's a great show, and really interesting, but I don't like the whole relationship aspect of it.

Law and Order SVU is and always will be my favorite...even though this post is about the focusing on the crime and not the characters, i still love Mariska Hargitay!! <3

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No way, she isn't even on the show that much anyway

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NCIS is the best!

I love those shows!!

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I like CSI: Las Vegas because out of all the CSI's and other similar shows, they seem to exaggerate technological abilities the least. I mean the stuff shows like Bones, NCIS: LA, and CSI: Miami is absolutely ridiculous.

Hawaii 5-0!!

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CSI is the worst acted show I have ever watched. The whole series

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