Beginner drivers licenses should come with stickers for you car window like the "Baby on Board" ones that are a bit bigger and instead say "Caution: New Driver", amirite?

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In some countries they already do...

they already do that. i got a yellow paper to put in the car i drive

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We have 'L' plates here in England

@WolfeDeWary We have 'L' plates here in England

And in South Africa. You have to stick a big red L to the back windscreen or bumper. I'm surprised they don't have something like that in the US.

They have what I call the "Rape Stickers" in New Jersey (I'm not sure if it's all states or just NJ).

I bet moms would like a sign saying "Baby driving"

I think they have those already. I've seen some cars with huge magnetic signs that say "Caution, Student Driver" I feel so bad for those kids, I remember my mom joking about that when I first got my permit.

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Ohio has yellow "student driver" stickers

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