You hate it when people use band names to create their account. Example: NeverShoutChristina (NeverShoutNever), Taylor Eat World (Jimmy Eat World), Sam Eats Airplane (Sky Eats Airplane). It's annoying. So please, just stop. amirite?

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I couldn't decide if that was the point of this post or not lmao


Ahh, well it still makes it rather odd for you to make a post which you realize can apply to yourself, even if it wasn't on purpose


There's a difference between a coincidence (I had never seen that movie before making this account), and blatantly copying something.

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I suppose.

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I don't really mind. If that's what they want to do then it doesn't affect me.

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I could not give less of a fuck what people decide to name themselves

Jarden! at the disco

My username on Twitter is a song lyric: StephToDeath (Fresh to Death) so I don't really mind

Nevershoutnever! :D Christofer Drew is my favorite artist. No, not because he's "super cute" but because he's amazing at singing and really inspirational. Suck on it, Jonas Brothers.

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