There should be a TV show that starts out as a toddler cartoon, then gets older with us and keeps the same actors as teenagers, amirite?

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Yeah, but Full House isn't around anymore because the twins are 25 and DJ is... 30? 40?


MissUmbridges avatar MissUmbridge Yeah You Are +7Reply

Toy Story <3

Anonymous +7Reply

Little House on the Praire! ...'cept no one probably watches that besides me anymore.

Harry Potter did this with the books!

FlyingPandas avatar FlyingPanda Yeah You Are +2Reply

Rugrats! :D

@nicholasblue Rugrats! :D

All Grown Up really sucked though. :b

ClaireTheBozos avatar ClaireTheBozo Yeah You Are -2Reply

Rugrats kind of did that

Anonymous -2Reply
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