Would suck if you stepped on a screw. And instead of just pulling it out of your foot, it had to be unscrewed, amirite?

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Id prob lay there screaming and make someone do it for me.


And it would make the case worse if the screw was rusty.

Speaking from experience, in most cases it does. If you just pull it out you can cause even more damage to the tissue.

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This happened to a kid on my crew on a mission trip, and I was the one to unscrew it..

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I was in kindergarten and on our playground at school, there was a nail. I got punctured my left hand and just took it out. When I went home, my grandma wanted to stick another one to try and get the other out, but it wasn't in there. It didn't hurt too much thankfully.

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I cringed just thinking about it

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I just imagined this...

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