Most popular kids usually end up with an unsuccessful life, amirite?

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The rude* popular kids. There are a lot of popular kids that get extremely successful.

The popular kids at my school are so screwed they take drugs have sex and drink like theres no tomorrow its not good they do it at school and then when i told a teacher because they where giving the drugs to year 7's i got bashed and now have a broken nose broken arm and no font teeth DONT MESS WITH THEM

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People who say that just sound like they are trying to make themselves feel better. Its kinda pathetic.

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Some people end up successful, some don't. Easy as that.

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ya...but somelosers HOPE they get unsucessful when they grow up to just cheer them up...no complaint in that cuz wat if they DID do something mean and ugly to the loser..doesnt the loser deserve a little hope?

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