Guys: When you watch football, you watch it to see the guys' butts and jockstraps showing through their pants. You imagine them in your mind tackling you on a bed with nothing but the jockstrap on, amirite?

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Clay_s avatar Clay_ Yeah You Are +10Reply

Everyone does it.

Bretts avatar Brett Yeah You Are +11Reply

Stopped reading at "When you watch football"

I find it very amusing that there's a jockstrap ad under this post.

Only sometimes...

I think that only applies to kardashians

Not even with the jockstrap on.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +4Reply


Anonymous +3Reply

hahhahahahahahahahaha no seriously this made me laugh so hard...

Of course this post wasn't creepy at all.....


im a girl, im breaking the rules, but i just watched a football game and oh honey, you better believe i thought that!!

allyballys avatar allybally Yeah You Are +2Reply

I no it's in the negatives but I love how many people said yeah you are.

Anonymous +2Reply

The hell's wrong with you, mate? Are you gay?

I'm gay, so yes...

Anonymous +1Reply

I do.

track_stars avatar track_star Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not a fan of troll posts that make it to the homepage

Well yea but I'm gay

Anonymous +1Reply

what the hell

Lol, EPIC, no homo.
But this was funny as hell.

im straight and came buckets.

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I honestly did not intend for this to be a troll post. I just wanted to see how popular this post would get. Now I am upset with myself for not leaving this as one of my official posts. Oh well.


Anonymous 0Reply

This made the homepage.. how?

Anonymous +9Reply

gtfo homo

@Disparaging gtfo homo

No, you get out, ELMO

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