You can't say all men are created equal if you deny a gay person to marry, amirite?

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INB4 some heteronormative tard goes "HERP DERP gays decided to like the same sex, straight men can't marry a man either".

That's right, I said heteronormative. I'm a sociology major, baby.

Also, I was about to condemn OP for making a post that's been said over 9000 times, but it's from over a year ago.

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I think they also originally put the emphasis on "men" when they read that...


No, they really meant it. When they said those lines they weren't just living in a time of slavery, they were being ruled by a hereditary monarch and a bunch of noble born aristocrats, when black people were considered inferior animals, and everything about their lives-from who they married to what sort of jobs they could have-was determined by their station of birth. The notion that "all men are created equal" wasn't at all "self evident" at that time, it was one of the most radical, provocative, and legendary things ever written.

(Yeah I know they didn't think of it first but still, it was a HUGE fucking deal and they SO meant it.)

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Um how would you know. Were you there when they wrote it? When the signed it did they say "All men are created equal. HAHAHA Just kidding."

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I wrote my Ap exam essay on this yesterday!

@Sarahvdm I wrote my Ap exam essay on this yesterday!

Was it by any chance the DRQ on English Language exam, the response to the quote from Thomas Paine?

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Gay people CAN get married, just not to the same sex... so technically they do have the right to marriage.

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