Girls: Kotex commercials are your favorite tampon/pad commercials. amirite?

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And by the third day... I really just wanna dance

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Then they show the blue stuff and I'm like "Oh, that's whats supposed to happen"

emilygws avatar emilygw Yeah You Are +5Reply

I'm wearing WHITE PANTS.

ckcottonkandys avatar ckcottonkandy Yeah You Are +5Reply

Don't all these angles make me look dynamic?

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i also like to twirl... maybe in slow-motion.

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JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are +3Reply

They're so fuckin' funny because they're so true!

you compare them?

@wickedawesomechick you compare them?

I'm just saying, they're pretty funny.

buttons511s avatar buttons511 Yeah You Are +2Reply

They're easy to relate to.

And by the third day... I really just wanna dance

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Why are tampon commercials so obnoxious?

sexynerd239s avatar sexynerd239 Yeah You Are 0Reply

You wish you could be me

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now in big girl colors

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And they use that blue liquid... And I'm like, "Oh, that's what's supposed to happen."

So true... but it doesn't make me want to buy Kotex

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