dont you ever wonder why all of the superstars got these badass names, LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, Champ Bailey, Usain Bolt, it's like the parents knew they would be famous someday and they decided to give cool names to em, amirite?

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I have this guy in my class named D. Stroy. Not even fucking kidding. Darrel Stroy.

This guy is fucking 6'3", huge muscles...

He's going places.

Have you also noticed that they're all black?


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black people have creative names. Everybody knows that. Like tyrelle.

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'Christina' Aguilera
'Britney' Spears
'Lindsay' Lohan.
Sadly, they ruined these names for most girls but there are a few stars with common names. And a shit load of them named Taylor.

But creative names are more fun to remember and you can't help but like them abit more due to the name.

Theres this guy insomeof my classes named Kaution . I thought he like mad eup his nickname but its his real one :0

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Maybe they just named them a weird name so that they would have more chances of being famous, lol.

I think the names are now associated with the person, so it makes them seem cooler. They're pretty much normal "creative" names, with extraordinary owners.

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Or D_Sexy

A lot of athletes don't register their real names. Champ Bailey's real name is Roland Bailey

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i have a friend named Iron... haha

They sold their souls to the devil.

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