Gesticulation sounds sexual, amirite?

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so does mastication

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...and i dont know what any of these mean lol

What does it mean?

It sounds like a method of torture.

Break it down--->
Gesticulation = gesture = to make gestures (dramatically or instead of words)

Settle folkz

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So does rice pudding.

It doesn't sound sexual when it was one of your vocabulary words for school, which it was for me. It means making gestures with your hands.

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@ave Vocabulary words? What are you, a third grader?

Im in high school, and that was a vocab word from middle school, and I'm not sure if you noticed but I said WAS one of my vocab words.

@ave Vocabulary words? What are you, a third grader?

Not necessarily. There's always one fruitcake who can't separate elementary school memories from a high school curriculum.

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Mastication I believe means eating but I could be wrong.

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