There is at least one song that you can rap in its entirety, and when it comes on you are the proudest you've ever been, amirite?

93%Yeah You Are7%No Way
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The Kevin G rap from mean girls.

Yo, yo, yo, Allllllllllllll you sucka MCs

All of Airplanes Pt.2 XD

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jump around by house of pain. best rap song EVER. honestly, the only good one ever.

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All of A Mili

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I can rap parts of a few songs, but no full ones. My friends are amazed because they aren't in English.

NOOOOO. Rap is Gayyyyyy.

@ThatOneNut NOOOOO. Rap is Gayyyyyy.

I don't particularly like it either, but I can rap a buttload of Eminem songs (I do like him) and some others.

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